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NCAA: Even Soccer Haters Love Women’s College Soccer

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The only allowance I make for soccer is when it’s played by womens’ [sic] college teams. The women in a university female soccer club are registered assassins. They give no mercy to the opposing team, and they expect none in return. They are ruthless, cunning, and will settle for nothing less than total victory.

I found the above comment on a blog populated by soccer-haters; if you ask me this attitude speaks volumes about the skill and heart found in NCAA women’s soccer, that even people who find soccer to be a boring waste of time recognize it as a beautiful game when played by women’s college teams.

The Cross-Conference Collector listed five teams to follow during the 2010 NCAA season. I have my own list, which coincides greatly with CCC’s because I enjoy watching Notre Dame and Boston College. I find it hard to watch Stanford without seething in jealousy.

But aside from those two schools, my list in no particular order:

  1. California – Because it’s my alma mater. I did not list it [just] because Alex Morgan is hot. The 2010 senior class (now consisting solely of Alex Morgan, Megan Jesolva, Emily Shibata, and McKenna McKetty) was the last class former coach Kevin Boyd recruited before he suddenly resigned and went to coach Arizona State, and was arguably Cal’s strongest recruiting class in recent memory, especially when Cal still had Jorden LaFontaine-Kussman. (After recovering from lymphoma, Kussman transferred to Washington and is now a Husky.) The incoming freshman class, with 2008 U-17 WWC team member Kate Bennett as its star, will have huge shoes to fill with the departure of Katie Oakes (yes, she is related to Jill Oakes) and Brianna Bak.
  2. Wisconsin-Milwaukee – THIS IS BECAUSE OF SARAH HAGEN. Yes I realize that the Panthers are in a dinky tadpole conference (the Horizon League, WTF) and therefore tend to dominate because Hagen is so freaking badass. YES SHE IS. Hagen was 4th in points (42) in Division I during the 2009 season. If NSCAA gave out a Hermann Trophy for Badassery, Hagen would win it.
  3. Texas A & M – Because I’m following them on Twitter, I kind of have to? I would include Texas on this list, but then Alexa Gaul locked up her Twitter account and then the Longhorns just weren’t fun anymore.
  4. Boston University – CCC already listed Boston College, so I’m including the other Boston school here for the sake of Cal alum Lisa Kevorkian, who is spending her last year of NCAA eligibility with the Terriers (she redshirted her sophomore season at Cal).
  5. Virginia – CCC gave the Cavaliers an honorable mention, but they make my top list because of Chantel Jones (Alyssa Naeher’s backup for the 2008 U-20s), who is just a big cuddly teddy bear and is okay at penalty shootouts. There’s also The Other Julia Roberts. And most of all I adore Caroline Miller, who looks twelve on the field because everyone is bigger and taller than her. Except she can be deadly, like the time she scored twice in rapid succession in order to dismantle Penn State in the 2009 NCAA Tournament. I’m pretty sure Naeher doesn’t like to talk about it.

Written by teamongolia

August 5, 2010 at 6:53 am

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  1. Funny, I had considered mentioning Texas A&M and the Other Boston as well, but I follow the Aggies for rivalry reasons and… I realize I’m going to be aware of BU against my better judgment.


    August 5, 2010 at 11:07 am

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