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NCAA: Getting Organized, or: Drexel vs. William & Mary

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On Friday I attended a women’s soccer game between the Drexel Dragons and the William & Mary Tribe with Ruth of the Cross-Conference Collector. William & Mary won, 1-0, after a very boring first half and a less boring second half.

William & Mary is notable for beating Penn State earlier this year, despite only being the middle of the pack in the Colonial Athletic Association. (Drexel is second from the bottom.) We were in disbelief that the Tribe was able to pull off that upset, as their game versus Drexel was rather lackluster.  William & Mary had the (very slight) upper hand on Drexel because the Tribe’s players were much better positioned to cut off Drexel’s passes. Drexel’s finishing was absolutely atrocious, although William & Mary’s wasn’t much better; the lone goal was scored in the second half with 23 minutes to play, by the Tribe’s Cortlyn Bristol.

It must be said that William & Mary has its enthusiastic fans, even if they are all just family and friends. One of them in particular kept yelling for the Tribe to “talk to each other! Get organized!” Or something. There was a nice amount of yelling at the ref, and also of jersey-pulling and girls falling on top of each other. That was the best part.

Other notables:

  • William & Mary’s Diana Weigel reminds me of the Rapinoe twins. See her hair.
  • Also, William & Mary’s Mallory Schaffer, Brittany Lane, and Mary Carter Jacocks were wearing pink bras that showed through their white kits. I’M JUST SAYING, OKAY.
  • I cringed at Drexel’s warm-up drills. I’m sorry.
  • Drexel’s keeper was very loud during the first half. Then she quieted down in the second. William & Mary’s keeper didn’t say much.
  • There was an annoying klaxon that kept blaring at odd times during the game. I would have preferred a vuvuzela. BZZZZZZZZ

Written by teamongolia

October 9, 2010 at 1:56 am