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NCAA: Title Nine, y u mad tho?

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Just be glad I didn’t use the Galumphing Oprah .gif.



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March 29, 2011 at 5:40 pm

NCAA: Christen Press is really good at acceptance speeches

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I guess she has to be because she’s, like, a communications major.

Now I don’t like wearing dresses — but we should give all the dresses in the world to Christen Press, because Lordy me, she wears this one very well. Press has such good carriage, she’d make a barrel look like haute couture (well, a barrel is often better looking than the tripe those so-called “designers” put out on fashion week).

Press — there’s just one thing I’d like to say about your speech, I know you were just being polite and all, but — while Melissa Henderson is a Natty Champ, I wouldn’t say that Alex Morgan had a particularly successful season. Unless you count saving the “Natty Team’s” ass as a success, which I guess maybe you do…

Anyway. Here’s to a successful first pro season for the young lady outta PVE.

(hat-tip to The Practice Field)

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February 2, 2011 at 2:54 am


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Back when I was writing my Christen Press’ Little Sister vs. Notre Dame entry, I hadn’t really thought back then that today it would be Christen Press herself vs. Notre Dame. The mighty triple-edged sword versus the Fighting Irish.

And even if I had thought Notre Dame would have made it this far, I would have believed that Christen, unlike Channing, would have prevailed.

But that was before Notre Dame lost to UConn in the Big East Tournament. Notre Dame was a different team then.

If Ohio State had advanced to the Championship instead of Notre Dame, Stanford would have won. But Notre Dame had a special something going for them today — I don’t know what the hell it was, perhaps a grueling opponent scouting — and ripped the Cardinal’s deadly attack to pieces. And they did it attractively, too. Adriana Leon’s goal had to be unstoppable — because no one gets a garbage goal against Stanford’s Emily Oliver, who had a beast of a game.

I don’t do player rankings, so I’ll just list what stood out to me. It’s easier.

  • I once asked if Laddish/Leon/Tucker could possibly be the next Bock/Dew/Hanks, and the answer is? They could possibly be better than those three. Laddish in particular is a terrific ball-winner. Barg was okay, but Laddish dominated the midfield — Nogueira and Levin had no answer for her.
  • Quite appalled that Stanford was resorting to “Let’s Knock Henderson Down” (Dr. Quon, I’m looking at you) tactics — Stanford can play much better than that! Could it be that they really did feel outclassed by Notre Dame, who wasn’t better than them on paper? I didn’t see the Irish knocking Press down as much as the Cardinal knocked Henderson down.
  • Beth Mowins kept harping about how Press hadn’t made a shot in 60 minutes. Thank you, but that was SO not necessary. Was she even watching? Press may not have been getting shots off, but she was trying her damn hardest to create a goal.
  • According to Shek Borkowski, it was “Fawlkes” who disrupted the Cardinal’s flow of play. While recently Lauren’s game has been rough around the edges, I still adore her with all my being. She deserves this championship AND SHOULD BE STARTING CENTER BACK FOR THE USWNT WITH NIKKI MARSHALL, KTHANX.
  • I thought Jazmin Hall would have added a better flank attack  than Kecia Morway did, but that’s a minor quibble. Morway did better than I thought she would — same with Nikki Weiss. Little Tucker, on the other hand…well, maybe she just wasn’t in the game long enough. La la.
  • Courtney Verloo looked out of place at center back today. I’m sorry.
  • Teresa Noyola did not have the best game, either. Odd.
  • And Foudy kept blathering about how slow Alina Garciamendez was and making her sound like a tortoise, which made me want to punch Foudy in the mouth. DID YOU SEE THAT HEADER SHE ALMOST SCORED WITH? DID YOU, FOUDY?!
  • When all was said and done, I saw Press congratulating Jessica Schuveiller — composed and dignified in the face of defeat. That’s something to be said for her. (Shek Borkowski also has an opinion on her, which you can read here.)

Of all the games played in American women’s soccer, this one is one of the prettiest. Both Notre Dame and Stanford put the “beautiful” in the beautiful game, and I’m not talking about how hot Courtney Verloo is (even though she is).

Well done, Irish. Go maire tú an lá!

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December 5, 2010 at 10:25 pm

NCAA: Get your Hermann Trophy semifinalists right here

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Q: So who’s in contention for the Hermann Trophy now?

A: Cassie Dickerson, Crystal Dunn, Sinead Farrelly, Adrianna Franch, Katy Frierson, Sarah Hagen, Melissa Henderson, Bianca Henninger, Kristen Mewis, Alex Morgan, Christine Nairn, Christen Press, Sophie Schmidt, Katie Stengel, Ingrid Wells.

Dr Dibble’s prediction that Sydney Leroux and Ali Hawkins would be in contention ended up being wrong. Not that either of them deserved to be in contention, anyway. Leroux can score for sure, but she was hardly as dominant as she was last year. What stuns me the most is Christine Nairn’s inclusion and Lauren Fowlkes’ exclusion. Alex Morgan shouldn’t really be on this list either, but I suppose being on the USWNT has its perks. (Once again, I have to remind you people that I always support Alex Morgan, I’ve been a fan of hers since November 2008. That doesn’t mean that I think she deserves every award under the sun, like UNC thinks it does.)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this award is Christen Press’ to lose. I would love it if Sarah “Badass” Hagen won it, but pretty sure she’s just there as a background extra.

P.S. I received a blog hit from somebody who wants to know if Christen Press has been called up to the national team. No, I do not know. Call Pia and ask.

NCAA, USA Women’s National Team: Here we go Irish!

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That is for Alex Morgan, because Kings Of Leon is apparently among her preferred music artists.

  • Quite frankly, everyone’s said it. The USWNT sucked. Her Serene Highness Alex Morgan scored a goal that made me puff up with Cal Pride, but did not do justice to how crappily the USA was playing. Ironically, Lloyd wasn’t behind most of the suckage: it was two former Florida Gators (AHEM) who had the worst performances of the game, in my opinion.
  • I don’t understand how anyone can cheer for the Evil Clones Tar Heels. They got what they deserved, which was a 4-1 crushing at the hands of Rose ‘Laser’ Augustin and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. There is no such thing as a heart breaking for the Tar Heels, because people who say their heart breaks for UNC don’t really have hearts at all. Or are just bandwagoners.
  • Granted, the Irish still have to face a surging Oklahoma State — which is completely ridiculous because now people think Adrianna Franch is better than Bianca Henninger.
  • If you actually think  Adrianna Franch is better than Bianca Henninger (like Top Drawer Soccer apparently does), you’re an idiot. Certifiable.
  • Kerri Hanks popped up in UND’s interactive liveblog during the game. That made my day! Even more so than all the Twitter people throwing themselves at Morgan’s lovely feet and worshiping thanking her for saving the USA’s ass. You’re welcome, guys.

NCAA: Christen Press’ Little Sister vs. Notre Dame

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Today I traveled to Villanova to watch them play the visiting Notre Dame Fighting Irish. This was very important to me, because I’d never seen the Irish play live before.

I admit that I don’t do too well at live games because:

  1. there’s no instant replay of goals I missed,
  2. and also there’s just way too much exciting stuff to see. If I’m gawking at Lauren Fowlkes (who you should vote for, by the way), then I’ll be missing Adriana Leon scoring a goal way on the other side of the field. This actually happened at the game, by the way.

(Thanks to Ruth of Cross-Conference Collector for pointing this out to me. SHAME ON MY FAMILY.)

Notre Dame coach Randy Waldrum complained about the officiating on Twitter, but I can’t really remember any blatant referreeing gaffes, other than a number of offsides calls against Rose Augustin. My bad.

Also, it must be noted that Villanova’s most skillful (if not dangerous) player is none other than Channing Press, the younger sister of the mighty Christen Press (also known as The Sharpest Edge of Stanford’s Deadly Sword). Anyone who has seen Christen play would surely do a double take upon seeing Channing, who runs and holds her shoulders almost exactly like her sister does. Poor Channing did her best — she was certainly a skilled player with the ball — but ND’s Jessica Schuveiller was more than a match for her.

Another moment of note: ND’s Amanda Laddish screaming at her teammate Lindsay Brown: “Why did you stop?!” when Brown failed to chase down a ball Laddish was sending into space for her.

Also. Scouting the game were Philadelphia Independence coach Paul Riley and…wait for it…

THE BONE CRUSHER!!!!one!!eleventy!!11!

Yes, Holmfridur Magnusdottir was in the stands. Gone were the broad shoulders and bulging muscles we are used to seeing on FSC — she actually looked quite slender and mild-mannered. I think she is the Incredible Hulk, only more incredible.

We were quite sure that Riley was there to scout the Irish seniors, most notably Fowlkes (vote for her). Speaking of Fowlkes, I was obviously beside myself with joy, getting to watch one of my favorite players. I can now add her to the list of Very Great Players that I have seen in person.

Special thanks go to Ruth of Cross-Conference Collector for suggesting that I watch this game even before I moved to Pennsylvania. I had it marked on the calendar and everything and I’m very glad I went, even if it was freezing cold. It was so terribly cold in the stands, and I’m also very glad I’m back in my warm apartment writing this.

EDIT (10/26/2010): The Cross-Conference Collector has more musings on the Villanova-Notre Dame game.

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October 22, 2010 at 11:04 pm

NCAA: A Soccer Pundit Educates Us

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A one-minute Hermann Trophy talk.

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October 13, 2010 at 7:28 pm