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NCAA, etc.: Search terms for Christmas!

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Because it is almost the end of the year, here are the top 10 search terms used to find my blog since its inception in January:

Why yes, I am a badass, and this is my badass blog.

Bryane Heaberlin verballed to North Carolina, which makes me want to punch someone in the mouth.

Also, now that we know the Hermann Trophy finalists, I will just say that Christen Press deserves the Hermann Trophy and if she doesn’t win it, I will cry foul.


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December 12, 2010 at 10:43 pm

NCAA: Get your Hermann Trophy semifinalists right here

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Q: So who’s in contention for the Hermann Trophy now?

A: Cassie Dickerson, Crystal Dunn, Sinead Farrelly, Adrianna Franch, Katy Frierson, Sarah Hagen, Melissa Henderson, Bianca Henninger, Kristen Mewis, Alex Morgan, Christine Nairn, Christen Press, Sophie Schmidt, Katie Stengel, Ingrid Wells.

Dr Dibble’s prediction that Sydney Leroux and Ali Hawkins would be in contention ended up being wrong. Not that either of them deserved to be in contention, anyway. Leroux can score for sure, but she was hardly as dominant as she was last year. What stuns me the most is Christine Nairn’s inclusion and Lauren Fowlkes’ exclusion. Alex Morgan shouldn’t really be on this list either, but I suppose being on the USWNT has its perks. (Once again, I have to remind you people that I always support Alex Morgan, I’ve been a fan of hers since November 2008. That doesn’t mean that I think she deserves every award under the sun, like UNC thinks it does.)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this award is Christen Press’ to lose. I would love it if Sarah “Badass” Hagen won it, but pretty sure she’s just there as a background extra.

P.S. I received a blog hit from somebody who wants to know if Christen Press has been called up to the national team. No, I do not know. Call Pia and ask.

NCAA, USA Women’s National Team: Here we go Irish!

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That is for Alex Morgan, because Kings Of Leon is apparently among her preferred music artists.

  • Quite frankly, everyone’s said it. The USWNT sucked. Her Serene Highness Alex Morgan scored a goal that made me puff up with Cal Pride, but did not do justice to how crappily the USA was playing. Ironically, Lloyd wasn’t behind most of the suckage: it was two former Florida Gators (AHEM) who had the worst performances of the game, in my opinion.
  • I don’t understand how anyone can cheer for the Evil Clones Tar Heels. They got what they deserved, which was a 4-1 crushing at the hands of Rose ‘Laser’ Augustin and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. There is no such thing as a heart breaking for the Tar Heels, because people who say their heart breaks for UNC don’t really have hearts at all. Or are just bandwagoners.
  • Granted, the Irish still have to face a surging Oklahoma State — which is completely ridiculous because now people think Adrianna Franch is better than Bianca Henninger.
  • If you actually thinkĀ  Adrianna Franch is better than Bianca Henninger (like Top Drawer Soccer apparently does), you’re an idiot. Certifiable.
  • Kerri Hanks popped up in UND’s interactive liveblog during the game. That made my day! Even more so than all the Twitter people throwing themselves at Morgan’s lovely feet and worshiping thanking her for saving the USA’s ass. You’re welcome, guys.

NCAA: A Soccer Pundit Educates Us

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A one-minute Hermann Trophy talk.

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October 13, 2010 at 7:28 pm

NCAA, WPS: Start tagging your tweets with #JillianMastroianni

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Last night, like some people, I was watching Philadelphia vs. Boston. And I am so glad that Tony DiCicco will not have the satisfaction of getting the Breakers to the Final. Jerk.

My feelings all came out on Twitter, so I won’t rehash them. There was only one Boston team doing Massachusetts proud, and it was not the Breakers.

Now for NCAA.

  • Cal scored first on Portland, thanks to Katrin “Thankful For My Sports Bras” Omarsdottir, a regular on the Icelandic women’s national team — she assisted the actual goal scorer, Lauren Battung. Who so happens to be the niece of the massage therapist for the 2008 USA U-20 WNT — yes, the one Morgan and Leroux were on.
  • And then Portland’s coach probably spanked his Pilots for being stupid, so that they came out and scored three goals to win in the second half.
  • Needless to say, Alex Morgan was not there. It would have been ridiculously ironic, and very sad, if the Bears had toppled Portland without her, but thankfully Foxhoven and Schmidt and the Purple Gang prevented that. Thanks Pilots!
  • The Cross-Conference Collector has already been celebrating Boston College’s win over the Evil Clones North Carolina, so I’ll just point you there.
  • With that said, I’m starting a new hashtag movement on Twitter!!!11!!!eleventy!!
  • Since Jillian Mastroianni was apparently THE ALMIGHTY HERO in the Eagles’ victory (not counting a) the sans-Kelly Henderson backline, and b) Kristen Mewis and the third-oldest DiMartino sister, who have their own tag: #DiMartinoMewis, if you’re willing to help out with that), I’ve decided to honor her with her very own hashtag: #JillianMastroianni.
  • I will use it to mock all of Boston College’s opponents, except my poor Virginia Cavaliers.

UNRELATED: Stanford Women’s Soccer keeps flooding my Twitter account like Hope Solo on fifteen cans of Red Bull. Maybe I should just stop following them.

NCAA: I’m My Own Grandfather

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All self-respecting women’s soccer fans should know about Lorrie and Ronnie Fair, Kristen and Samantha Mewis, and the DiMartino sisters. However, I must put some misconceptions to rest once and for all:

  1. Casey Nogueira and Mariah Nogueira are NOT RELATED. Full stop. End of story.
  2. Neither are Melissa Hayes (Penn State alumna) and Maya Hayes. This should be quite obvious with some research, but I had to learn this the hard way. Don’t be like me.
  3. On the other hand, incoming test subject Tar Heel Kealia Ohai is the younger sister of Megan Ohai (USC), who was on National Lampoon or something. Google “Megan Ohai” and you’ll see what I mean. Those Trojans, really.

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July 22, 2010 at 11:00 pm

NCAA: UNC Is So Ronery

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If there are stories… people can relate… if people can relate… they will be interested… that’s a start.

–Tiffany Weimer

One of the reasons I’m glad that Weimer said this about Our Game Magazine is because I love talking about women’s soccer in the context of stories. The problem is, many of the stories that do come to the forefront are often rehashed fluff made for the manufactured drama that NBC and ESPN are feeding to their audiences. I have ranted at length about people pretending to be outraged at this while still swallowing when they’re fed already, so I won’t repeat myself.

Behind every player is a story. It might be a boring story, or an exciting story, but I can bet you they are more compelling than the age-old “North Carolina tries to repeat as National Champions” schtick that gets replayed every November. (I will dump on the Tar Heels at a later date.) However, how many of the stories will we miss because a team or a player never made it to a certain level?

And even when they do — how do we know their story is told in a way that gives the story the respect it deserves?

That said, if you INSIST that North Carolina is oh so important, fine. I suggest that Our Game Magazine write a parody, published in installments, in which the Tar Heels are the Evil Clone Army created by Professor Hojo Anson Dorrance to enslave the women’s soccer world, and the ACC can be the ragtag band of rebel nations who have been unsuccessful in defeating it. IT SOUNDS REALLY GOOD TO ME.


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June 16, 2010 at 5:11 am