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Running on the same platform that Kelsey Davis ran on. No lie.

Or at least, Lauren Fowlkes For The Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award!!! (While you’re there say hello to Stephanie Lopez in the website header.)

Now of course all of the candidates are worthy winners; if I were coming into this without previous commitments I would probably have selected Portland’s Jessica Tsao, as she is probably the most like me (except for being smart and playing soccer, that sort of thing). But like I said before, I have a soft spot for the Irish defender.

Last year I voted for Kelsey Davis, but was very lax in voting and somebody else won. Even so, Portland fans should do me a favor and not vote for Tsao. Kthnx.

Remember that you can cast your ballot everyday; and do not even think about voting for Christen Press because we all know she’s going to win the Hermann Trophy anyway.

(Bonus: Here’s the PDF copy of Notre Dame Science, the periodical published by the University of Notre Dame College of Science. On pages 4-5, there’s a blurb about Science-Business interns, of which Fowlkes and Irish alum Rachel VanderGenugten were a part. GOOD JOB GUYZ.)


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October 6, 2010 at 5:01 pm

NCAA, WPS: Start tagging your tweets with #JillianMastroianni

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Last night, like some people, I was watching Philadelphia vs. Boston. And I am so glad that Tony DiCicco will not have the satisfaction of getting the Breakers to the Final. Jerk.

My feelings all came out on Twitter, so I won’t rehash them. There was only one Boston team doing Massachusetts proud, and it was not the Breakers.

Now for NCAA.

  • Cal scored first on Portland, thanks to Katrin “Thankful For My Sports Bras” Omarsdottir, a regular on the Icelandic women’s national team — she assisted the actual goal scorer, Lauren Battung. Who so happens to be the niece of the massage therapist for the 2008 USA U-20 WNT — yes, the one Morgan and Leroux were on.
  • And then Portland’s coach probably spanked his Pilots for being stupid, so that they came out and scored three goals to win in the second half.
  • Needless to say, Alex Morgan was not there. It would have been ridiculously ironic, and very sad, if the Bears had toppled Portland without her, but thankfully Foxhoven and Schmidt and the Purple Gang prevented that. Thanks Pilots!
  • The Cross-Conference Collector has already been celebrating Boston College’s win over the Evil Clones North Carolina, so I’ll just point you there.
  • With that said, I’m starting a new hashtag movement on Twitter!!!11!!!eleventy!!
  • Since Jillian Mastroianni was apparently THE ALMIGHTY HERO in the Eagles’ victory (not counting a) the sans-Kelly Henderson backline, and b) Kristen Mewis and the third-oldest DiMartino sister, who have their own tag: #DiMartinoMewis, if you’re willing to help out with that), I’ve decided to honor her with her very own hashtag: #JillianMastroianni.
  • I will use it to mock all of Boston College’s opponents, except my poor Virginia Cavaliers.

UNRELATED: Stanford Women’s Soccer keeps flooding my Twitter account like Hope Solo on fifteen cans of Red Bull. Maybe I should just stop following them.

FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup: Where Do You Go From Here

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Or “Why Sydney Leroux Doesn’t Really Need To Be Called Up”

I’m not watching the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup anymore since the USA crashed out. Call me a bad fan if you like but I’ll do whatever I want, thank you very much. I’m the USA-all-the-way-or-fuck-it-all sort of person when it comes down to it, and unlike certain unpleasant Stanford fans, I’ll still have respect for Jillian Ellis even though (as I’ve stated before) I’ve cooled towards UCLA since Christina DiMartino and Erin Hardy graduated. The generation after them doesn’t do it for me.

Amidst the chorus of know-it-all pundits shrieking for Pia to give Sydney Leroux a call-up — I personally think the one person Pia needs to call up isn’t Leroux, but Portland’s Keelin Winters, or hell, even FC Gold Pride’s Becky Edwards. Despite Winters’ now-ridiculous hair (when she did she hire Rapinoe to be her hairstylist?), the midfield needs work and leadership, which Winters can provide. And I’m going to come right out and say it: Abby Wambach sucks as a midfielder. While her Huffy Sarah Huffman did not impress me in the one Sweden friendly I saw on ESPN, I’ve never trusted Lloyd, and Lindsey needs some more young competition.

Now someday, I’m sure, Leroux will get her national team call-up, like Christine Nairn and Alex Morgan before her. But right now, with A-Rod and Cheney around, and with O’Hara as a backup, does Pia need her, really? The answer is no. And for those people making the laughable claim that with her “provocateur” personality she’ll be good for the team’s popular image the way Natasha Kai was intended to be — how do YOU know that anyone is even going to pay attention to Leroux long enough to care? In the mainstream media, people are going to see what they want to see, not what you want them to see. If she doesn’t get regular playing time, like Kai WASN’T getting at certain points, then it’s all moot.

The rest of the team have bright futures at NCAA and at least the U-23 level, if not WPS. Bianca Henninger, despite her team’s faults, was a worthy successor to Valerie Henderson and Alyssa Naeher, who are both “killing it” in WPS, and I see the same future for Henninger should the league still exist by then. I am waiting to see if Pia is going to bring up Nairn again — at this stage Nairn is only good when she has good players around her, as she did in 2008 with the aforementioned Edwards and Winters. Samantha Mewis probably has another U-20 cycle to look forward to, but neither she nor fellow UCLA recruit Jenna Richmond seem to be cut out for it. In fact I’m only optimistic for humanitarian goalkeeper Bryane Heaberlin, who looks set to make the transition to the next U-20 cycle and perhaps even start at goalkeeper for them — hopefully unlike Cat Parkhill before her. Also since Meagan Morris is going to be a Evil Clone Tar Heel, I see her getting unwarranted U-20 call-ups in the future.

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July 29, 2010 at 8:44 pm