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Úrvalsdeild, WPS: Disappearing Acts and Disappointments

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I checked the Soccerway rosters after Stjarnan’s first game against Afturelding, and there was no sign of Hanks, although McCoy does appear (with an Iceland flag next to her name, what the hell).

The search for the two-time Hermann Trophy winner goes on.

On the WPS front, here are Five Things We Learned From Atlanta Beat vs. Washington Freedom Part II:

  1. Allison Whitworth would’ve saved that. And that.
  2. Forget the 19-year-old (although she has major skills); McCall Zerboni is Atlanta’s MVP. Once she bloodied up Bompastor and got concussed while doing so, Atlanta’s offense — compared to last weekend versus Sky Poo — was a shambles. No offense to Mundy or Rasmussen.
  3. Jim Gabarra has secretly hired a Chinese coach to improve his players’ diving techniques. Wambach has benefitted.
  4. Only very drastic measures will get Rogondino and Hildreth to shut up. Unfortunately these measures cannot be mentioned in polite company.
  5. Stacy Bishop has the best sideways glare. Like a hawk.

Written by teamongolia

May 18, 2010 at 3:34 am

Úrvalsdeild: Are You There, Hanks? It’s Us, Your Fans

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If we look back at the WPS transactions page, we see that the player who was cut from Atlanta Beat’s preseason roster at the same time as Kerri Hanks was former Sacramento State Hornet Katie McCoy, who is Sac State’s all-time leader in assists.

Sac State had a news release stating that McCoy signed with Stjarnan F.C., the same Icelandic club that Kerri Hanks was possibly going to join. It is probably safe to assume that Hanks and McCoy, having both been released by Atlanta at the same time, probably traveled to Europe together with the same intent. Whether they both signed with Stjarnan is still unconfirmed, as there is obviously no mention of Hanks in the Sac State article. The news release is dated April 14, so if Hanks signed with Stjarnan, she would have signed at or around the same time as McCoy had.

Basically, the article is circumstantial evidence that Hanks may very well still be in Iceland.

Soccerway.com’s women’s football fixtures (the interface reminds me of a betting site) note that Stjarnan F.C. — also known as UMF Stjarnan — begins its season on May 13, 2010, against Afturelding.

UMF Stjarnan appears to be what we call an Athletic Club — that is, other professional sports aside from soccer are played under their name (e.g., handball). This site is their senior women’s soccer team’s section, the one we expect Hanks and McCoy to be on, but it has not been updated since November 2009.

The rosters on Soccerway are not updated either (their WPS rosters are higgledy-piggledy, with 2009 and 2010 rosters mish-mashed together), but I am hoping that will change after the 13th, when the Úrvalsdeild begins play. You can bet that I will be taking more than a passing glance at what goes on in the Stjörnuvöllur, should it be Hanks’ home stadium for the summer. That’s the way it goes.

P.S. The city where Stjarnan F.C. is based in is Garðabær, Iceland — the only city in Iceland that has an IKEA. Yay!

Written by teamongolia

May 12, 2010 at 6:26 am