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NCAA: Christen Press’ Little Sister vs. Notre Dame

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Today I traveled to Villanova to watch them play the visiting Notre Dame Fighting Irish. This was very important to me, because I’d never seen the Irish play live before.

I admit that I don’t do too well at live games because:

  1. there’s no instant replay of goals I missed,
  2. and also there’s just way too much exciting stuff to see. If I’m gawking at Lauren Fowlkes (who you should vote for, by the way), then I’ll be missing Adriana Leon scoring a goal way on the other side of the field. This actually happened at the game, by the way.

(Thanks to Ruth of Cross-Conference Collector for pointing this out to me. SHAME ON MY FAMILY.)

Notre Dame coach Randy Waldrum complained about the officiating on Twitter, but I can’t really remember any blatant referreeing gaffes, other than a number of offsides calls against Rose Augustin. My bad.

Also, it must be noted that Villanova’s most skillful (if not dangerous) player is none other than Channing Press, the younger sister of the mighty Christen Press (also known as The Sharpest Edge of Stanford’s Deadly Sword). Anyone who has seen Christen play would surely do a double take upon seeing Channing, who runs and holds her shoulders almost exactly like her sister does. Poor Channing did her best — she was certainly a skilled player with the ball — but ND’s Jessica Schuveiller was more than a match for her.

Another moment of note: ND’s Amanda Laddish screaming at her teammate Lindsay Brown: “Why did you stop?!” when Brown failed to chase down a ball Laddish was sending into space for her.

Also. Scouting the game were Philadelphia Independence coach Paul Riley and…wait for it…

THE BONE CRUSHER!!!!one!!eleventy!!11!

Yes, Holmfridur Magnusdottir was in the stands. Gone were the broad shoulders and bulging muscles we are used to seeing on FSC — she actually looked quite slender and mild-mannered. I think she is the Incredible Hulk, only more incredible.

We were quite sure that Riley was there to scout the Irish seniors, most notably Fowlkes (vote for her). Speaking of Fowlkes, I was obviously beside myself with joy, getting to watch one of my favorite players. I can now add her to the list of Very Great Players that I have seen in person.

Special thanks go to Ruth of Cross-Conference Collector for suggesting that I watch this game even before I moved to Pennsylvania. I had it marked on the calendar and everything and I’m very glad I went, even if it was freezing cold. It was so terribly cold in the stands, and I’m also very glad I’m back in my warm apartment writing this.

EDIT (10/26/2010): The Cross-Conference Collector has more musings on the Villanova-Notre Dame game.


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October 22, 2010 at 11:04 pm