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FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup, NCAA: It’s Like One Tree Hill

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I am a University of California, Berkeley alumna so generally I am very protective of their women’s soccer team. However, even I know they’ll never crack the Sweet 16. Not with the coach they have now, unless they give him the boot and let Kelly Lindsey take the lead, for real this time.

(Dear SBFC fans who may have come by this way and want to rip on Kelly Lindsey for abandoning your beloved team: For a team that goes through coaches like disposable baby diapers, one might think the problem isn’t the coaching but your smarmy GM and bloated egos the size of the former USSR just because of that star on the crest of your Kraft macaroni and cheese jerseys. SO GO AWAY. Thank you.)

That said, I am totally sold on Alina Garciamendez, the Stanford sophomore and the heart of Mexico’s national team, both at the U-20 and senior level. That girl is El Tri’s be-all end-all. Seriously, I am dying to see her wonder goal against Nigeria. Not to mention she has impressive forearms.

Man. The Cardinal (and their unpleasant fans) always get the good ones. Yeah, I’m jealous. Shut the fuck up.

(Off-topic question: Is the Alex Morgan fanboy who mispronounced Lauren Fowlkes’ name — to hilarious effect — still commentating these games?)

Also somewhat ironically, Mexico’s current leading scorer at the tournament is Renae Cuellar, who plays for the University of Arizona — the team that usually ends up at the bottom of the Pac-10 heap.