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NCAA: Nice articles, and Here we go Irish!

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Like, I love you guys, like, a lot

‘Pleasant surprise’ for Irish: About Elizabeth Tucker, or as I like to call her, ‘Little Tucker’.

Quarterfinals loss in conference tournament sparks Irish

Weiss grip

Christen Press leads balanced Stanford: Is mostly about Press, but Fowlkes is a “Swiss Army Knife”. Heh heh heh heh heh…

Roster changes spell success: “Fowlkes is two aspirin shy of a migraine.”


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December 3, 2010 at 4:23 pm

NCAA: Issues I want to address

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  1. If Cal is underachieving, it’s not for lack of trying on Alex Morgan’s part. Dear Bears, Morgan cannot play BOTH defense and offense for you.
  2. If you’re reading this and if you’re STILL not voting for Lauren Fowlkes, you’re a mean old hag (or stinky old man) who throws helpless puppies into rivers. Look, Jessica Tsao doesn’t need it because she’s going to win the Nobel Prize one of these days.  Same for Molly Kinsella, apparently. And I already said my piece about Press.
  3. Boston College is nosediving all of a sudden, you say they lost to Virginia Tech? SORRY JILLIAN I PROMISE I WILL TWEET YOUR HASHTAG MORE. Not that Virginia Tech is anything to sneeze at, they did topple the Evil Clones UNC last year. I can’t remember if that was the game in which Dr. Evil Anson didn’t start Casey Nogueira because “it wasn’t a real game”. (The nerve of that man.)

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October 12, 2010 at 12:37 pm

NCAA: If you like UNC, no one wants to date you

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Perhaps I didn’t tweet #JillianMastroianni enough this past weekend because Boston College lost to Virginia in pretty much the same fashion that the Evil Clones Tar Heels fell to the Eagles themselves.

Now I’m pretty fond of the Cavaliers, but they also let me down this weekend in that:

  1. I asked for Caroline Miller and got Colleen Flanagan (sorry, Flanagan).
  2. Their win means that the Evil Clones are now back on top of the ACC.

That said, Mastroianni should wear her keeper kit all the time. It makes her look like an awesome superhero, in basically the same way the Notre Dame keeper kit did for Kelsey Lysander. BADASS.

Exit question: Is Elizabeth Tucker/Adriana Leon/Amanda Laddish the next Notre Dame Trio in the spirit of Hanks/Bock/Dew? (Other than the fact that, you know, none of those kids are defenders. Henderson/Augustin/Fowlkes is probably a better analogy.)

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October 4, 2010 at 8:34 pm

NCAA, WPS: Start tagging your tweets with #JillianMastroianni

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Last night, like some people, I was watching Philadelphia vs. Boston. And I am so glad that Tony DiCicco will not have the satisfaction of getting the Breakers to the Final. Jerk.

My feelings all came out on Twitter, so I won’t rehash them. There was only one Boston team doing Massachusetts proud, and it was not the Breakers.

Now for NCAA.

  • Cal scored first on Portland, thanks to Katrin “Thankful For My Sports Bras” Omarsdottir, a regular on the Icelandic women’s national team — she assisted the actual goal scorer, Lauren Battung. Who so happens to be the niece of the massage therapist for the 2008 USA U-20 WNT — yes, the one Morgan and Leroux were on.
  • And then Portland’s coach probably spanked his Pilots for being stupid, so that they came out and scored three goals to win in the second half.
  • Needless to say, Alex Morgan was not there. It would have been ridiculously ironic, and very sad, if the Bears had toppled Portland without her, but thankfully Foxhoven and Schmidt and the Purple Gang prevented that. Thanks Pilots!
  • The Cross-Conference Collector has already been celebrating Boston College’s win over the Evil Clones North Carolina, so I’ll just point you there.
  • With that said, I’m starting a new hashtag movement on Twitter!!!11!!!eleventy!!
  • Since Jillian Mastroianni was apparently THE ALMIGHTY HERO in the Eagles’ victory (not counting a) the sans-Kelly Henderson backline, and b) Kristen Mewis and the third-oldest DiMartino sister, who have their own tag: #DiMartinoMewis, if you’re willing to help out with that), I’ve decided to honor her with her very own hashtag: #JillianMastroianni.
  • I will use it to mock all of Boston College’s opponents, except my poor Virginia Cavaliers.

UNRELATED: Stanford Women’s Soccer keeps flooding my Twitter account like Hope Solo on fifteen cans of Red Bull. Maybe I should just stop following them.